Ideas To Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

In today's world of fast replenishing natural resources it is essential to have an eco-friendly home in order to make your valuable contribution in saving the environment. Going 'green" is not just a fad but in fact the need of the hour; the sooner we realize and act accordingly the better it is for the planet Earth and for us. Eco-friendly homes are economically in all spheres; they reduce your energy consumption and thereby bring down your daily costs too apart from being environment friendly.

1.Eco-friendly bathroom: The bathroom is one place where tons of water gets wasted every day all over the globe. You can bring down the wastage by installing water-efficient faucets, shower-heads and flushes. You may get a dual-setting flush installed in the toilets that gives you the option of flushing only the required amount of water at one point of time. You may use "green" materials like bamboo to make the cabinets, shelves, drawers etc. The flooring too can be made from natural stone rather than man-made floorings.

2.Eco-friendly kitchen: The kitchen can easily be remodeled to an eco-friendly one by firstly switching to appliances that are more energy efficient. Appliances like induction cooktops are very popular as they use molecular movement for heating and not natural gas. Use flooring made of natural stones or bamboo. For the countertops too you can switch to natural stones that not just look good but are low maintenance too.

3.Eco-friendly paint: The paint that you use in your house should only be that which uses non-volatile organic compounds. Paints high in non-VOC are extremely unhealthy for the people in the house as well as for the environment. This may be slightly difficult to procure as not all brands have non-VOC paints but with a little effort and research you may be able to get one.

4.Eco-friendly flooring: The flooring of the house can be switched to natural stones or bamboo as they are completely natural and do not emit any dangerous vapors.

5.Eco-friendly heating: rather than heaters and geysers you should try solar heating for heating water as it uses the natural sunlight for heating and does not consume any electricity.